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Surface water management

Our diverse team of experts provides thoughtful designs to reduce waste and create efficiencies.

Surface water management is a complex endeavor. You need to not only design safely around potential flooding conditions and reduce water contacts with contaminants, but ensure your organization is prepared to meet permitting and design requirements under constantly variable conditions. Not to mention, detangling the varying regulatory requirements makes your job even more complicated.

Haley & Aldrich’s surface water planning and engineering team understands that you need a partner who provides a thoughtful approach when designing surface water infrastructure, drainage plans, and preparing floodplain mapping. We know that a complex design isn’t always the most cost efficient or effective. That’s why our team, comprised of geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, hydrogeologists, and hydraulics experts, is able to design with simplicity and resiliency in mind.

Our clients often tell us they save time, money, and effort during construction because our experts continually seek efficient approaches. We consider the most holistic approach to design that integrates into the site setting in a way that reduces infrastructure costs and maintains as much of the natural environment as possible.

Talk to our service experts

Mark Kelley

Senior Technical Expert, Hydrogeology and Civil Engineering

Christopher Langham

Technical Expert, Hydrology/Hydraulics

Service highlights

  • Checkmark 404 jurisdictional delineation
  • Checkmark Dam break modeling and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs)
  • Checkmark Floodplain use permitting, mapping, and FEMA processing
  • Checkmark Hydraulics evaluations and design
  • Checkmark Impoundment design
  • Checkmark Scour analysis and mitigation
  • Checkmark Stormwater management and permitting
  • Checkmark Surface water hydrology
Equipment at construction site used for surface water management

Bringing technical excellence and collaboration together for win-win solutions

Navigating the surface water regulations that vary by state, county, and municipality is no easy task. At Haley & Aldrich, we work side-by-side with you and your other team members to guide you through the process and determine the right site design — so you won’t have regulatory or noncompliance issues down the road.

Our staff knows that to exceed your expectations, we need to bring more to the table than technical excellence. We combine our deep regulatory knowledge with our ability to align varying stakeholders — including regulators, community groups, and non-governmental organizations — around a common solution. Our ability to develop this common understanding allows us to not only minimize obstacles, but find win-win solutions for all parties. 

We provide surface water management services for the following markets: 

Whether implementing designs meant to withstand the Probable Maximum Flood, minimize contact water, or navigate permitting difficulties, Haley & Aldrich approaches every problem as unique — you won’t find any one-size-fits-all solutions with us. 

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