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We exceed what you thought was possible by combining technical innovation with the human element.

Often, what lies beneath your site can create the biggest headaches during your development, infrastructure, or environmental project. Complex soil conditions, community or abutter sensitivities, and environmental impact all need to be considered before a project gets into the ground. These challenges can be compounded when working in dense, urban settings. You need to carefully consider your risks early and identify a proactive approach that will ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget.

At Haley & Aldrich, our geotechnical engineering services leaders know technical excellence is required when addressing geotechnical engineering challenges. We also understand that some of your biggest challenges may not necessarily be technical. That’s why we focus on delivering not only the highest technical quality, but an ability to build successful, collaborative relationships. We make it a top priority to build trust with regulatory agencies, city officials, abutters, the community, and other stakeholders who may be involved in your project.

We are hands on when it comes to communicating with the community. We attend public hearings on your behalf — city councils, neighborhood meetings, and others — explaining the most technical topics in layman’s terms and assuaging community fears and concerns.

During our more than 60 years of providing geotechnical engineering expertise, we’ve learned that the human element can be as important as the technical.

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Damian Siebert

Service Leader, Geotechnical Engineering

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Novel approaches for geotechnical engineering challenges 

What also sets Haley & Aldrich apart is our heritage of technical innovation. Our clients tell us our ability to apply new technologies and innovations to their geotechnical engineering challenges helps to create more value and efficiency for them. From applying an unconventional ground improvement method in order to save millions, to re-imagining landfill waste as a structural asset, our clients often achieve results that exceed what they thought was possible. 

Our geotechnical engineering team understands that each organization has a different risk tolerance. Because of that, we adjust our approach based on your specific needs, and explore alternative approaches to ensure we meet your goals — whether it’s a public-private-partnership, design-build, or design-bid-build.

Our geotechnical engineering services include:

With an emphasis on combining our technical innovation with understanding the importance of building trust and relationships, Haley & Aldrich’s geotechnical engineers deliver solutions that reduce risks and introduce efficiencies.

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