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Geometric Decoration
Brice Exley

Brice Exley, P.E., G.E.


Brice is a skilled geotechnical engineer who has developed a niche tackling challenging projects and delivering exceptional results. He fundamentally enjoys problem solving and continually strives to find the right solutions for his clients – solutions that are effective, efficient, and in line with his clients’ risk tolerance. Brice’s clients know him as a listener, a collaborator, and someone who will re-evaluate solutions until he finds the right one for the problem. If a particular solution involves additional risk, Brice works closely with his clients to communicate that risk, as well as how to manage it effectively.

Brice has spent his career navigating significant design-build and design-bid-build transportation projects, waterfront projects, and vertical development projects. In each of these areas, Brice has consistently identified areas of risk and provided his clients with thoughtful cost-saving solutions, enabling the construction of safe and efficient projects. Brice supports project teams with specialized technical solutions that lead to optimal results. He takes pride in mentoring staff on projects and advancing their technical, project management, and communication skills.

  • Checkmark 2D and 3D numerical modeling
  • Checkmark Excavation and shoring systems
  • Checkmark Foundation design and full-scale field testing
  • Checkmark Instrumentation
  • Checkmark Reliability-based design
  • Checkmark Seismic analyses including liquefaction assessment and mitigation
  • Checkmark Soil characterization

“I take ownership of the projects I’m working on – for the sake of my clients and also the safety, health, and welfare of the public. That responsibility is at the core of engineering, and I take that very seriously.”