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We’re problem solvers who adapt to construction uncertainties to safely deliver the value we promise.

No one likes surprises in construction projects. Yet even with proactive planning, they’re often unavoidable. And when your constructors call for an immediate work stoppage or your design team scrambles to deal with a crisis, change orders and project delays mean you’re left to explain to stakeholders why you haven’t made more progress. 

Haley & Aldrich’s construction professionals have the experience and adaptive thinking to adjust to construction hurdles, moving your project forward on time and on budget. With expertise rooted in engineering and consulting, our construction team’s approach helps to quickly and effectively address or reduce surprises and uncertainties, whether they arise from nature or other contractors. 

We are dedicated to operating as an extension of your staff, tapping into years of industry experience to ease project procurement and provide you with a reliable team who ensures quality from initial design to closeout — allowing you to build the foundation for future success. 

Our construction experts align with you to help manage stakeholders and their expectations — including your management teams, regulators, and the community — in order to lower project delivery costs, shorten timelines, and mitigate schedule uncertainties.

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Forrest Paul

General Manager, Construction Business Unit

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Construction services to navigate obstacles, without sacrificing quality

As experienced construction professionals, Haley & Aldrich doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We establish partnerships with clients, regulators, and vendors to develop innovative and effective strategies. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt, improve, and overcome emerging challenges to continue forward toward the best result.

We utilize Lean principles to help us gain a full, clear picture of project challenges and ensure all voices are heard. We take what we’ve learned and combine it with industry expertise to create a holistic solution that is right for you. Some of our construction services include:

Whether we’re adapting to nature’s curveballs or coming up with a creative solution to turn hazardous waste into recycled assets, we have the industry expertise and staff depth to be your on-site eyes and ears, delivering projects that meet your criteria for success.

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