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Real estate development consulting

We navigate all phases of development projects to deliver custom solutions for both complex and straightforward challenges.

As a landowner, developer, or investor, you are accustomed to unexpected events that emerge when you acquire, entitle, design, build, and operate facilities. But the distinct nature of properties and projects makes it difficult to foresee and prepare for these events, which range from permitting complications to environmental liabilities, as well as community engagement and unanticipated subsurface conditions.

Haley & Aldrich’s real estate development consultants are prepared for unexpected challenges that can arise. Through our industry-leading expertise in geotechnical engineering, underground construction, and environmental sciences, we are able to anticipate unforeseen circumstances during your development projects. We take proven and innovative approaches based on our past successes and challenges, resulting in better planning, budgeting, and design — and ultimately, less risk from unexpected events.

We operate as integral members of your team from project inception through completion, advocating on your behalf and collaborating to find reasonable solutions with stakeholders, community organizations, abutters, and regulatory agencies. Our experts ask the right questions early on in a project and seek to understand each team member’s point of view. Through this approach, we provide technically feasible and economical solutions that balance cost, quality, risk, and time.

From due diligence to property acquisition and design to construction, our real estate development consultants apply proven, innovative processes and technology to help you achieve successful outcomes — no matter the size or complexity of your project.

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Responsive real estate development expertise from concept through construction

At Haley & Aldrich, we know real estate development projects are increasingly complex, cost-sensitive, and time-driven. We also know that you want to acquire, entitle, finance, improve, and maintain or divest property, while eliminating outside risks that derail or impact investment value.

As leaders in underground engineering, construction, and environmental sciences, we focus on understanding and anticipating real estate development obstacles. We do so by combining our innovative thinking and in-depth industry experience with our ability to adapt. This ensures our clients design, plan, permit, and build on-time and on-budget projects.

Some of our real estate development services include:

Haley & Aldrich’s national presence and local leadership allow us to seamlessly navigate the variable permitting, community, and regulatory ecosystems present in today’s landscape — so real estate improvements exceed your desired outcomes.

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