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Governors Island NYC geotechnical engineering

Real estate developers

Creative geotechnical engineering brings sweeping NYC views to Governors Island park


saved on budget

10 months

shaved off schedule 


  • An urban design firm needed our expertise to turn a flat, abandoned site on Governors Island into a resilient park with impressive views of New York City.
  • The site presented significant challenges, including the difficulty of bringing equipment and fill to an island. Also, the site consisted of loose sand and soft, highly compressible clay, which would compromise stability in a storm- and flood-prone environment.
  • We drew on geotechnical creativity and innovation to design strong yet lightweight slopes, bringing a technically challenging design to life. Our design accounted for disaster resilience, and we carefully selected each type of soil, debris, planting soil mix, and fill to maintain stability, drain quickly, and eliminate erosion.
  • This design has since withstood a powerful real-life test: Hurricane Sandy. Although hit by a 14-foot wall of water and 80 mile-per-hour winds, the newly planted trees and saltwater-resistant grasses stood strong, and the fill, as designed, released excess water with little erosion.

For more information, contact:

David Winter

Senior Principal Consultant