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Resilience engineering services

Our approach to resilience engineering helps you focus your efforts so you’re truly prepared when a disaster hits.

Over the past decade the urgency to take action to protect our infrastructure and communities from the impacts of natural hazards and extreme weather events has grown from a whisper to a holler. Most facilities, operations, and emergency management leaders know they need to act now to create more resilient infrastructure to protect their communities and continue business operations after a disaster. However, identifying where to begin is overwhelming. With so many potential risks and solutions, where do you focus to get the highest value for your limited budget? You also know that your department cannot act alone if you are to truly make a difference when the next disaster hits.

At Haley & Aldrich, our goal is to help your organization prepare your buildings and infrastructure so you can reduce response time and more quickly recover from a disaster. We do so by first identifying and bringing together the necessary stakeholders and working with them so they understand resilience principles and the importance of investing now to save in the future. Together we will look at how your infrastructure is used today, the critical functions of your infrastructure, and what your organization needs to operate days, weeks, and months post-disaster. This shared knowledge among stakeholders will allow you to select the most impactful efforts.

Our clients often tell us that they’re also impressed with our ability to find the small, less expensive solutions that have a huge impact. For example, in Josephine County, Oregon, one of the major bridges that provided access to critical infrastructure required millions of dollars in engineering repairs to be seismically resilient. Through our approach we identified three smaller bridges that would require a fraction of the investment yet provide the same level of access to help the community respond to a disaster.

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Daniele Spirandelli

Senior Associate, Climate Resilience Specialist

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Principal Consultant

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  • Checkmark Hazard mitigation engineering
  • Checkmark Emergency response and hazards mitigation planning
  • Checkmark Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami impact assessment, engineering, and planning 
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Staying at the forefront of the resilience industry so we can share our knowledge with you

Haley & Aldrich’s resilience engineering experts are sought to lead and work on the most challenging and cutting-edge disaster response and recovery efforts throughout the country. And for good reason. Our resilience experts participated in the Oregon Resilience Plan team, co-chair the American Society of Civil Engineers Infrastructure Disaster Response And Recovery Committee, and have completed over 50 seismic retrofits and designs in the Pacific Northwest alone. We also speak regularly throughout the country at conferences for emergency managers and engineers, and have been involved in a half-dozen tsunami evacuation structures, including the first constructed in the U.S.

Our resilience team also loves to take the time to help our clients, industry peers, and partners understand resilience principles and best practices. We’re able to take the most technical concepts, including Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami planning, and break them down for any audience.

Haley & Aldrich provides resilience engineering consulting services for clients in:

At Haley & Aldrich, we work closely with you and your stakeholders so all parties understand resilience engineering principles and the importance of investing now to save in the future.

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