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ESG and sustainability

We facilitate rapid sustainability performance improvements and ESG disclosures that meet your business and stakeholder needs.

Organizations have never faced more pressure to enact sustainable practices and to communicate about them transparently with investors, customers, regulators, employees, and other stakeholders. Not only do you need to meet complex, evolving reporting and disclosure requirements that determine your ratings and rankings, you often need to do so quickly. You have to tackle a vast range of issues, from decarbonization and the climate resilience of your business to human rights and the sustainability of your supply chain. And you have to demonstrate meaningful results while mitigating greenwashing risks.

But how do you improve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance when so many internal and external partners need to act cohesively? Throughout our years as sustainability strategy consultants and having walked in your shoes as change agents in leading organizations, we’ve learned there are two key factors for success: alignment on what is most important to your business and stakeholders and a bold vision for performance improvement that drives action across your organization — including in the C-suite.

Our strategy experts, scientists, engineers, and facilitators work with organizations at all stages of their ESG journey to turn risks into opportunities. We understand not only the technical issues but also the change management and communications aspects of this journey. To ensure buy-in and readiness for change, we engage people across departments and levels inside and outside your organization. Our clients often tell us that as a result of partnering with us, their employees and partners feel empowered and accountable — driving results that make a difference.

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Ben Chandler

Principal Consultant

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Dawn Santoianni

Principal Consultant

Service highlights

  • Checkmark ESG strategy and goal setting
  • Checkmark Reporting, disclosure, and data management
  • Checkmark Supply chain sustainability
  • Checkmark Materiality and ESG maturity assessments
  • Checkmark Greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Checkmark Greenwashing audits
  • Checkmark Environmental justice and community engagement
  • Checkmark Clean energy consulting and permitting
  • Checkmark Water stewardship
  • Checkmark Resilience and business continuity
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Uncovering problems and solutions to achieve sustainable results

At Haley & Aldrich, we know that the key to success is listening . We don’t, for example, tell you what ESG goals you should set or push reporting solutions that fail to account for your organization’s structure. Rather, we draw on our experience to ask the right questions to understand your needs. Working with your team, we’ll guide you to see problems and risks and find the most efficient path to develop meaningful solutions. Our process is focused on co-creation — the solutions we identify are your solutions and therefore have the best chance of success. And we know that when you’re successful, we’re successful.

Haley & Aldrich provides ESG and sustainability strategy consulting and implementation support for clients in:

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