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Headshot of male, Adam Tucker

Adam Tucker

Principal Consultant

A leader in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and sustainability strategy and program implementation, Adam helps clients define their vision, protect the environment, and do right by their communities. He builds clients’ success through his people-centric perspective and diverse, global experience across all three ESG pillars. With insights drawn from nearly three decades working globally in aerospace, the automotive industry, and manufacturing, Adam has honed his ability to lead complex sustainability initiatives across large, complex organizations. He also has extensive experience engaging with federal lawmakers, enabling him to guide clients through the shifting regulatory landscape governing ESG.

Adam also brings a passion for reframing company policy and continually improving environmental, health, and safety (EHS) practices both within client organizations and across industries. He has helped reimagine how to protect workers and the environment on scales as large as worldwide systems. Adam’s work has received prestigious industry recognition; he was a key member of the team from aerospace company Cummins that received a Campbell Award, which honors organizations for the success of their EHS management programs.

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“I’ve loved the outdoors since childhood, so I earned a degree in geology to better understand how the natural world works. I’ve since been fortunate to build a career that combines the safety of workers, the protection of the environment, and a sustainable interaction between the two.”