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Water resources consulting

Our technical innovation and collaborative approach lead you to the most efficient, effective water resource strategy.

Water is a core resource, and managing water resources can become a business challenge, limiting growth and creating economic risk. Your sustainable and productive future depends on developing new water supplies, solving surface water challenges, and managing stormwater flow and quality. As regulations increase in complexity and scope, and competition for conventional water supplies increases, how do you effectively manage your water resources to reduce future uncertainty?

Haley & Aldrich’s water resources consulting practice blends in-depth industry expertise with strong client relationships. We know that the best science and engineering leads to the most sustainable and efficient solutions for your business. Our water resources consultants are driven by the trust we earn from our clients, and we grow that trust by delivering effective, tailored, and innovative solutions to overcome your water resources obstacles. 

Our water resources team knows that when you succeed, we succeed. For you to do so, your water resources challenges require solutions that are specific to your organization’s unique structure, culture, and business objectives. That’s why we develop custom strategies for your business that not only address your immediate technical challenge, but that refine your long-term water resources strategy.  

At Haley & Aldrich, our water resources consultants own the problem, manage the process, and define the solution — like it is our own. By doing so, we gain our clients’ unwavering trust.

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Mark Nicholls

Service Leader, Water Resources

Urban drainage system created through in-depth water resources consulting services

Building collaborative, resourceful teams so you can efficiently achieve your goals

Haley & Aldrich’s water resources consulting clients include mining, manufacturing, power generation, real estate development, and water supply companies. We recognize that the business challenges present across these industries are radically different. That’s why we strive to introduce the right expertise to each project. We build collaborative, multidisciplinary teams that include industry experts, universities, and research institutions to develop the answers you need. 

Our water resources consultants tap into our deep problem-solving experience and use a “check and adjust” approach, ensuring you’re able to efficiently achieve your objectives.

Our water resources services include: 

With extensive expertise, good science, regulatory understanding, and our clients’ trust, we create innovative water management and supply alternatives.

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