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higher education groundwater, sediment and upland soil remediation

Higher education

Sustainable, cost-saving approach reclaims Wellesley College land and lake for students


amount by which we reduced estimated off-site disposal costs

$20 million

amount we potentially saved Wellesley in future groundwater monitoring costs


  • Wellesley College hired Haley & Aldrich to help remediate land contaminated with lead and chromium from past industrial use.
  • Our investigation significantly reduced the amount of sediment that needed dredging from the adjacent lake and brook.
  • We also safely reused dredged material from the lake’s shoreline as fill on site, cutting estimated off-site disposal costs by a third.
  • At the same time, we met everyone’s primary concerns — to protect human health and the environment.
  • Wellesley also relied on our expertise to help select a contractor to remake the area as an athletic complex and wetland ecology study area.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Sweet

Principal Consultant