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Remediating former rocket manufacturing site


Stakeholders collaborate to create a unified vision, preparing aerospace manufacturer to divest large, environmentally impacted land parcel


saved by our alternate waste management approach for rainwater


saved in handling of PCB-impacted demolition waste


safety incidents recorded over nearly 10,000 hours worked


  • Haley & Aldrich’s remediation team helped our aerospace manufacturing client quickly divest a 47-acre property with soil and groundwater contamination.
  • We successfully remediated soil to meet risk-based residential goals, enabling the client to get the highest sale price for the land.
  • The client also saved hundreds of thousands in costs because we proactively identified an alternate waste management approach for rainwater.
  • The client’s success was enabled by our ability to identify the best science to address numerous remediation, stakeholder, and regulatory challenges, and to facilitate collaboration.

For more information, contact:

Kelly Hoggan

Kelly Hoggan

Senior Project Manager