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university landfill reclamation

Higher education

Haley & Aldrich helps a college overcome community opposition to transform landfill into sports complex

3 athletic fields

at new sports complex

40 acres

of redeveloped woodland set aside for public use


  • Loyola University in Baltimore planned to build an athletic facility on former landfill, which presented challenges both in the site’s ability to support the planned construction and its potential to pollute the surrounding neighborhood’s air, soil, and water.
  • Our team conducted thorough site research and designed a plan to minimize future using reinforced slopes and designed to minimize future structure settlement.
  • We also designed and engineered an active gas collection system beneath the sports complex to optimize methane collection and dissipation, and we worked with the community to dispel pollution fears.

For more information, contact:

headshot of male, David Schoenwolf
David Schoenwolf

Principal Consultant, Geotechnical Engineering

Headshot photo of male, Derrick Shelton.

Derrick Shelton

Program Manager, Building & Infrastructure