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Landfill development engineer

Real estate developers

Innovative planning turns stubborn landfill into profitable regional asset

$2 million

Generated annually to the town

$3 million

returned on the sale of the property

$5 million

saved in landfill remediation costs and potential sanctions


  • Haley & Aldrich helped a developer overcome a landfill site’s many regulatory, environmental, and geotechnical engineering issues, which had proved too daunting for other developers, and fulfill its potential as a commercial hub.
  • We came up with an unconventional approach to turn the landfill into a stable site that could maximize parking and make the project economically viable.
  • Our pioneering design saved millions in construction costs, restored wetlands, and generated close to $2 million annually for the town of Reading, Mass.

For more information, contact:

Damian Siebert

Service Leader, Geotechnical Engineering