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PFAS consulting services

We guide you through the rapidly changing scientific and regulatory landscape.

PFAS, also known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, continue to grow as a potential concern for legacy and ongoing operations — particularly those in the airport, federal, and industrial and manufacturing spheres. Regardless of the industry, companies and project managers benefit from staying on top of the advancing science, the developing technologies, and the evolving regulations related to PFAS. And PFAS concerns are often distinct from other contaminant concerns — for example, what’s the most effective way to treat and dispose of waste containing PFAS? How can the sources of PFAS be traced, given that they appear so frequently in the environment? And what does proactive preparation for PFAS regulations look like?

We’re here to guide you through a comprehensive and adaptable PFAS consulting process. Whether you’re looking at PFAS remediation, consumer product chains, due diligence, site characterization, or other issues specific to your projects and sites, our expert PFAS consultants are ready to help. We leverage deep knowledge of the subsurface; the unique nature of PFAS chemistry, transport, toxicity, and remediation; the process of transitioning to supporting systems; and much more to help you meet your PFAS treatment and removal goals for today and tomorrow.

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Tiffany Thomas
Tiffany Thomas

Principal Consultant, Emerging Contaminants Leader

Sarah Mass

Environmental Engineer

John Xiong
John Xiong

Principal Consultant, Applied Research Leader

Service highlights

  • Checkmark PFAS-specific site investigations and assessments
  • Checkmark Site and operations inventory and historical use review
  • Checkmark Assessment of potential PFAS impacts to environmental media
  • Checkmark Forensic evaluations and identification of onsite and offsite PFAS sources
  • Checkmark Compliance program support (e.g. Toxic Release Inventory and Toxic Substances Control Act)
  • Checkmark Risk assessment and communication
  • Checkmark Strategic regulatory support
  • Checkmark Consulting and testifying expert abilities
  • Checkmark Due diligence and transactional services
  • Checkmark Treatment system design and installation
  • Checkmark Proactive science, technology, and regulatory monitoring 
Perfluorohexanesulfonic acid molecular structure, 3d model molecule, PFHxS, structural chemical formula view from a microscope

Leading the way in PFAS investigations and treatment.

PFAS are here to stay as a complex contaminant issue, but we’re pushing solutions forward through our Applied Research program and scientific leadership on PFAS risk, fate and transport, and remedial strategies. As the science, technology, and regulatory landscape evolve, Haley & Aldrich’s PFAS experts will help you stay up to date and be proactive about your PFAS management. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution: We understand that a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach will provide the best outcomes for your operations and the communities you work with and in. Together, we can create ever-more powerful models for efficient, creative, responsible PFAS management.

We provide PFAS services for the following markets:

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