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Education, healthcare, and cultural institutions facilities design and construction

We connect people, ideas, and information in meaningful ways to solve your institutions’ challenges.

Educational, healthcare, and cultural institutions facility leaders face intractable challenges. When you need to secure funding, determine vital program and space requirements, accelerate construction projects to achieve critical milestones, and manage the uncertainty of an unanticipated pandemic, a critical question emerges: How do you continually ensure your buildings are designed not only to meet the current needs of your students, patients, and patrons, but also to be adaptable to accommodate their future demands?

Haley & Aldrich partners with education, healthcare, and cultural institutions leaders to help you fully realize the value of your operations and physical assets. We know you continually look for new ways to address your facilities design and construction challenges, including how to do more with less.

From the initial stages of your project, our environmental specialists and geotechnical engineering consultants work to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs. Our approach considers the entire campus and project ecosystem as well as the stakeholders that may impact your project. This allows us to arrive at the best solution and often results in a reduction in your overall project and/or operating costs.

For facilities design and construction, Haley & Aldrich staff also strive for technical excellence and beyond — whether your hospital needs to add more ICU capacity or to separate the sick from the injured, your college campus needs additional laboratory space or to rethink common areas, or your cultural facility needs more space to accommodate visitors, Haley & Aldrich thinks beyond technical expertise for facilities design and construction. We practice respectful inquiry to put ourselves in your shoes and connect with you and your staff to uncover your big picture needs and values. This allows us to help you connect with and deliver on the needs of the patients, students, or patrons who use your facilities.

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People-oriented facilities design and construction

At Haley & Aldrich, we know facilities improvements put people at the center of your efforts. From start to finish, we put the interests and safety of your people — internal teams, regulators, end users, and the community — first. With our Lean thinking and approaches, we focus on people, from those in your organization to those you serve to those with whom you collaborate, to understand what they value and why when helping you design, build, and manage your facilities. We also often play a key role in working and communicating with the community. For example, our clients often rely on us to attend public hearings on their behalf to explain the more technical topics, and effectively assuage community concerns.

Our environmental specialists and geotechnical engineering consultants ensure your space can evolve with the needs of your students, patients, and patrons. We help you balance community interests with internal and external stakeholder concerns by providing the guidance you need to make the best decisions.

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When you partner with Haley & Aldrich for facilities design and construction, you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to delivering projects with human-focused solutions.

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