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Healthcare facilities site engineering and environmental consulting

We provide the right information at the right time so your teams can focus on delivering and maintaining facilities to support better patient outcomes.

Design, construction, and facilities managers in the healthcare industry are responsible for balancing an unprecedented number of factors when it comes to their buildings. From rising healthcare costs to global economic forces that affect the supply chain to the need to build spaces that are specialized but inherently flexible, there’s no shortage of obstacles that can derail your efforts to build and manage top-tier facilities. How can your space support more efficient workflows for staff? How can your facilities support cutting-edge research and better patient outcomes?

Although we are passionate about understanding the underground conditions of the sites you build on and operate, we know that is not your focus. Haley & Aldrich’s experienced geotechnical engineers and environmental experts work to understand and mitigate risks and uncertainty related to the subsurface so you can focus on the space your patients and staff will use.

Working side-by-side with your design and facilities teams, we provide the right amount of information at the right time, so you can manage soft costs, avoid surprises, and concentrate your time on your core business. And after your building is up and running? We’ll work with your facilities teams to help you maintain your physical environment, from air quality to water management to environment, health, and safety (EHS) auditing. 

We don’t believe in taking a boilerplate approach for your projects. Our teams take the time to uncover and understand your needs, adjusting communication styles, scopes, deliverables, and the phasing and pacing of work based on each unique project. The result? We not only address your most pressing challenges, but often exceed your expectations.

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Program Manager, Geotechnical Engineering

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Susan Hoertt

Senior Client Leader, Senior Scientist

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Chief Client Officer

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  • Checkmark EHS facilities operations support
  • Checkmark Environmental consulting and regulatory compliance
  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence
  • Checkmark Geotechnical engineering for planning, design, and construction
  • Checkmark Portfolio environmental risk management
  • Checkmark Resilience and sustainability planning
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Providing you with the right information so you can focus on what matters most — improving patient outcomes

Everything we do in our healthcare services revolves around your universe. We carefully consider how our work will reflect on you, and how we can balance your need to be conservative with your need to be cost effective. Our clients often tell us that we’re able to serve as a guide to help people connect with each other — breaking down silos and ultimately, reaching decisions that align with the needs of multiple stakeholders.

At Haley & Aldrich, we work to understand the challenges you’re facing, and our teams are dedicated to finding the best path ahead not only for your projects, but your patients and staff. We invest time in meeting with internal teams, stakeholders, regulators, abutters, and community members, taking their insights into account as we tailor our approach to your project needs.

The services we provide to the healthcare market:

Haley & Aldrich generates value across the entire built environment lifecycle. From identifying building sites to facilitating foundation design and construction to addressing operational challenges, we deliver the right technical solutions that align with your specific project goals and provide the best possible service for your facilities — so you can continue to provide the best possible service for your patients.

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