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Solid and hazardous waste management consulting

We take on your problems as our own to ensure you get ahead of — and stay in — compliance.

Hazardous waste management is a complicated and nuanced process. Navigating the permitting process, understanding complex regulations, and upholding safety standards are difficult enough. But staff shortages, employee turnover, regulatory changes, or other problems can exacerbate these challenges — and leave you unprepared to develop and maintain processes that ensure compliance long term. 

The team at Haley & Aldrich understands these challenges. When it comes to solving them, our key word is “we.” We don’t view ourselves as separate from our clients. We shoulder your problems as our own, from the first stages of the permitting process to developing employee training initiatives, contingency plans, and reporting strategies. We even manage hazardous waste programs for some of our clients — a true extension of their team.

We understand you need a partner that not only deeply understands your goals and takes personal ownership of your challenges but can work with you to find innovative solutions to efficiently address them. How do we deliver on that? One example is the digital approach we take as part of our process to assess a facility’s ability to satisfy existing solid and hazardous waste compliance obligations. We use a custom tablet program, which streamlines the verification process and ensures we are as thorough as possible. This ultimately prepares your facility to proactively respond to issues before they become problems.

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Taking a collaborative, evidence-based approach to hazardous waste management

When it comes to working with regulators, Haley & Aldrich’s compliance experts have learned that evidence and collaboration are the keys to success. And that knowledge is based on decades of experience working with regulators across the country. Throughout your project, we are at the table with you as partners, working together with regulators to find solutions that satisfy both your needs and regulators’.

Because we are in a unique position as engrained members of your team, we can combine your perspectives and specific site needs with our understanding of the nuances of communicating with and providing evidence to regulators. Ultimately, our clients tell us we successfully create plans that work for all stakeholders — and ensure they achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

We provide solid and hazardous waste management consulting services to the following markets: 

At Haley & Aldrich, we are prepared to guide you through all steps of your solid and hazardous waste management program — from permitting to ongoing compliance — to ensure the best outcomes for your team. 

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