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Headshot of Margaret Holt

Margaret Holt

Senior Technical Expert, Compliance

Margaret collaborates with her clients to address their complex environmental challenges, co-creating solutions that are feasible to implement at their facilities and cost efficient. Prior to joining Haley & Aldrich, she managed environmental affairs for an organic chemical manufacturer. Today, this experience enables her to see things from her clients’ perspectives. She also continues to draw on this experience and insight to address diverse client needs, including those that arise from complex permitting and reporting requirements, budget constraints, implementation of required plans and policies, and differing stakeholder priorities.

Over her more than 30-year career as a multimedia compliance expert with roots in chemical process engineering, Margaret has also been instrumental in developing and optimizing environmental management systems for compliance, as well as internal and external reporting.  

  • Checkmark Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) and environmental management system (EMS) strategy 
  • Checkmark Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) reporting
  • Checkmark Solid and hazardous waste 
  • Checkmark Multimedia environmental compliance auditing
  • Checkmark National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitting
  • Checkmark Regulatory analysis and agency communication
  • Checkmark Spill prevention control and countermeasure planning
  • Checkmark Stormwater permitting and plans
  • Checkmark Wastewater and water quality

“I believe we can balance compliance with client business goals while reducing environmental impacts. I strive to find this point of balance on all my projects.” 

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