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Decommissioning and demolition services

We streamline decommissioning and demolition to lower risks and bring your site to closure.

All power plants, industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and equipment eventually come to an end of their beneficial or economic life. However, decommissioning and demolition of facilities that are no longer operational is a complex, multifaceted undertaking. Ensuring safety is essential, and your project may involve environmental impacts, compliance requirements, or other risks associated with waste management, resource recovery, waste minimization, reclamation, recycling, and disposal. Not to mention, these projects often involve various stakeholders, including community groups and regulators.

Haley & Aldrich’s decommissioning and demolition services go beyond standard approaches. We take a full-service, turnkey approach — from project inception through completion. Our teams provide streamlined, single-source execution of complex sites, helping you navigate permitting and approvals, historical considerations, public perception and community relations, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, air monitoring, waste stream characterization, waste management, regulatory compliance, and more.

Our whole-project approach allows us to find efficiencies, resulting in reduced cost and waste during your decommissioning and demolition projects, facilitating better project control — and enabling us to respond to and manage change more efficiently.

We know that no two sites are the same. And we keep that top-of-mind during our planning and execution of every decommissioning and demolition project. We work closely with your internal teams and the multiple stakeholders involved in your project, continually looking to uncover the sensitive issues and impacts associated with your site. That way, we can tailor our approach based on your unique needs.

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General Manager, Construction Business Unit

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Program Manager

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Program Manager, Environmental Remediation

Service highlights

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  • Checkmark Public relations
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  • Checkmark Risk mitigation
  • Checkmark Waste stream characterization and management
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Leveraging innovative, impactful solutions — no matter the size and complexity of your site

What also sets Haley & Aldrich’s decommissioning and demolition services apart is our ability to bring innovative solutions to sites with environmental impacts. And we do so with one overarching goal: to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solution for your project.

We provide decommissioning and demolition services to these markets:

From managing waste stream characterization — and proper waste management and resource value recovery — to breaking down project impact with public communities, Haley & Aldrich is a trusted advisor and advocate for your decommissioning and demolition endeavors. We safely execute to bring your site to closure as efficiently as possible.

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