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Stewart A. Wiley

Program Manager, Environmental Remediation

Stew enjoys solving complex problems and using creative approaches to achieve client objectives. He is highly adaptable and uses his experience and knowledge to respond to dynamic conditions and changing client needs. Stew has nearly 30 years of construction management experience at Haley & Aldrich and has worked on a wide range of remediation and demolition projects. He has developed strong relationships with key environmental remediation, demolition, and abatement contractors, and has demonstrated the ability to assemble the right team to execute complex and sensitive projects.  

Stew has a unique ability to see the big picture and understand overall project objectives without getting bogged down in unimportant details. He seeks to understand what is most important to his clients to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively. Stew approaches projects with the end in mind, homing in on key objectives and streamlining a path to an optimal solution.

  • Checkmark Bid specifications preparation and review
  • Checkmark Contract Negotiation and administration
  • Checkmark Cost estimating
  • Checkmark Permitting
  • Checkmark Project performance evaluation and optimization
  • Checkmark Project scoping, sequencing, and scheduling
  • Checkmark Public relations and stakeholder communications
  • Checkmark Site safety and quality control
  • Checkmark Subcontractor management and oversight
  • Checkmark Waste stream management, disposal, and recycling

“I get excited by challenges that go beyond routine commodity work. Rather than overthinking the process, I employ creative, non-traditional approaches to get things done.”