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Lean consulting

We focus on transforming your culture and people — the drivers of your performance

Automation, digital disruption, and climate risks are just a few of the forces changing the face of the built environment — pushing organizations to adapt. Not only that, 53% of typical construction projects finish behind schedule, and most owners and project teams say they are not satisfied with the project delivery experience.

Advances in technology and software, such as new tools for scheduling and planning, can help save time and money. But alone, these tools cannot solve poor project performance. To adapt and thrive, built environment leaders need a cultural transformation — at the project level and across their organization.

Haley & Aldrich’s Lean coaches work alongside your people to build their ability to problem solve and continually seek improvement — and we do so through practical hands-on engagement. As engineers, scientists, and builders ourselves, we know bringing people together to solve problems while the work is happening is critical. Why? Because theory and discussion will only get your team so far. For true transformation, your team needs to apply new knowledge and ideas in its daily work.

To build systemic change and drive new thinking, we first assess your teams, people, and processes to see how they operate together. This assessment allows us to deeply understand your organization so we can customize our approach and solutions to your needs. We then work closely with you and your teams to design and manage the improvements.

We take a systematic and holistic approach, yet we also go beyond the Lean toolbox to consider management systems, mindsets, and behaviors that are critical for sustained change. Our team relies on our expertise in Lean thinking and methods as well as our training and experience in design thinking, organizational psychology, and various leadership and behavioral assessment tools. And we don’t just introduce new tools — we actively partner with your staff to ensure that the new behaviors we introduce stay in practice. Our mission is to set your organization on a path of sustained excellence.

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Sue Boyle

Principal Consultant, Lean Consulting

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Senior Lean Practitioner, Lean Master Black Belt

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Organizational excellence and project excellence go hand in hand

Large construction project teams are like small companies, with their own team dynamics, cultures, and complex systems. They have to quickly solidify a team identity and establish the right processes and systems at the right scale to succeed. At the same time, these project teams often have to contend with broader cultural, technological, and process challenges within their organizations.

Our Lean team recognizes that organizational and project excellence go hand in hand. We complement standard Lean project delivery tools — Last Planner System, Target Value Design, A3 Thinking — with our own custom playbook, designed specifically to create high-performing teams and organizations. The outcome? You’ll see how your project or organization is performing as a whole and how each individual is making a difference. You’ll also experience more team unity, which injects innovation and excellence into daily work and helps teams operate with shared goals — to exceed budget, quality, and schedule expectations. 

Strong project performance is ultimately delivered by people. Our Lean coaches partner with you to not only create and maintain the right systems but also to grow and build the right skills for the highest performing project teams. We teach, coach, mentor, and model problem-solving techniques — creating an environment with your team that fosters creativity and mutual accountability. When you partner with Haley & Aldrich’s Lean coaches, you’ll experience new levels of project seamlessness. 

We consult on organizational and project delivery excellence with owners, designers, and builders operating in the following markets: 

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