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Headshot of woman, Bethany Brooks

Bethany Brooks, P.G.

Program Manager

Bethany has more than a decade of experience in Lean consulting. She combines years of environmental consulting and technical expertise in the built environment with a focus on making projects more efficient and teams more successful. She has worked with clients in the automotive, construction, energy, military, mining, and real estate industries. Bethany has a passion for helping clients find the best ways to meet complex challenges, including environmental remediation, portfolio risks, regulatory compliance, and standardized reporting. She supports all phases of project lifecycles, as well as organizational design and excellence.

At Haley & Aldrich, Bethany creates well-planned and well-managed projects by acknowledging and building on clients’ team cultures; fostering honest assessments about strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; and catalyzing teams’ ability to stretch and innovate.

  • Checkmark Environmental remediation
  • Checkmark Lean consulting
  • Checkmark Portfolio management
  • Checkmark Portfolio risk assessment
  • Checkmark Project management
  • Checkmark Regulatory compliance
  • Checkmark Site-specific management
  • Checkmark Standardized reporting

“I am always energized by using a systems view to help client teams find better, more rewarding ways of doing their work while also meeting organizational needs.”