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Dam engineering consulting

Our teams combine technical excellence with stakeholder collaboration to find the right solution for your dam engineering challenges.

Dams and embankments need technically sound and innovative solutions to work properly, without posing risks to the communities they are in. But litigation risks, community opposition, and the potential for exorbitant costs for the right solution can put you in a tough spot. How do you find the specialized engineering expertise to ensure dams and embankments don’t fail and cause dire consequences to communities? 

At Haley & Aldrich, we know the impacts — both positive and negative — dams can have on communities. Dam engineering consulting requires technical excellence, and, as importantly, an ability to understand and build trust with stakeholders, regulators, and community activists. Through our ability to deeply listen, collaborate, and find common ground, we ensure all needs and desired outcomes are incorporated into our proposed solutions. 

Our engineers and consultants take a proactive stance to ensure clear communication with internal and external project stakeholders, mitigating concerns and fostering a sense of unity as we work together to solve your dam, embankment, and hydraulic structure challenges. And when differences of opinion emerge, the Haley & Aldrich teams take the time to explain varying project components and approaches to residents, agencies, and abutters.

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Denis Bell

Program Manager, Geotechnical Engineering

Service highlights

  • Checkmark Dam and slope stability analyses
  • Checkmark Dam inspection
  • Checkmark Flood control systems
  • Checkmark Foundation design
  • Checkmark Hydrology and hydraulics assessments
  • Checkmark Safety inspection of existing facilities
  • Checkmark Seismic development studies
  • Checkmark Tailing dams
Water flowing through open embankment dam

Uncovering the right solution to deliver sustainable, lasting dams for your community

Haley & Aldrich’s teams bring their industry-leading dam engineering consulting expertise to your projects, navigating the complexities of water and tailing dams, embankments, and other hydraulic structures to ensure they operate safely and as intended. We apply our infrastructure and development experience to your most complicated geotechnical challenges, uncovering the solutions that are best suited to your specific dam requirements. 

From small to medium-sized dams, and municipalities to private sector, Haley & Aldrich’s dam engineering consulting team provides reviews, rehabilitation, engineering support, and more to deliver quality work that delivers sustainable, lasting dams and embankments to communities. 

We provide dam engineering consulting for the following markets:

Whether we’re preserving historic dam designs while securing them from the brink of collapse, or making dams and lakes the focal point of public parks for the neighborhoods you serve, Haley & Aldrich prides itself on marrying technical innovation with a unique personal touch — and delivering outcomes in which you can be confident.

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