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Airport consulting services

Our ability to connect people, processes, and technology using sound business practices leads airports toward a brighter future.

Airports around the country are facing mounting pressure to achieve aggressive sustainability goals, execute capital improvement plans, and adhere to environmental regulations. And often, internal departments are misaligned on how to achieve their goals and overcome challenges together, compounding the pressure for airport leaders. How do you break down departmental silos to not only achieve your airport’s master plan, but consistently deliver on your plan across departments?

Haley & Aldrich’s airport team knows that you need to have the right people, processes, funding, physical assets, and technology in place today to address environmental, business, and stakeholder challenges tomorrow.

We see the whole system in which your project operates — environmental, regulatory, and community — to future proof our solutions. We start by seeking to understand your and your stakeholders’ goals for each of those system elements, and then create an approach that delivers well into the future. A hallmark of Haley & Aldrich is our focus on delivering what you value as efficiently as possible and advocating on your behalf.

Whether we’re taking on capital improvement planning, or elevating environmental stewardship to build green initiatives, we get everyone involved in the room to work toward the same desired outcome.

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Market highlights

  • Checkmark Airport risk management and business continuity planning
  • Checkmark Capital improvement program process reviews and improvements
  • Checkmark Lean for improving project teams and project delivery
  • Checkmark Per- and polyfuoroalkyl substances (PFAS) strategy, investigations, fate and transport modeling, and remediation
  • Checkmark Sustainability management planning and implementation
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Delivering the right solution to achieve unprecedented value

We operate as more than typical consultants. We’re embedded members of your team, bringing in-depth industry expertise, proven Lean facilitation strategies, and deep regulatory knowledge to charter innovative solutions tailored around the nuances of your project — like our work with the San Diego Regional Airport Authority. Through our partnership with the Authority and their internal stakeholders, our airport team delivered unprecedented project value, including moving historical soil and groundwater remediation efforts to closure, and securing $500,000 in grant funding for sustainability initiatives.

We also work to cement your position as an environmental leader with an unwavering focus on sustainability. Whether we’re helping you achieve Level 3+ Airport Carbon Accreditation or mapping out a plan to manage greenhouse gas emissions, we guide you through obstacles and unforeseen circumstances to ensure your airport is on the right path toward a sustainable, successful future.

We provide the following airport consulting services:

When you partner with Haley & Aldrich, you get a team that keeps your project on track, aligns your internal teams and stakeholders, and ultimately, helps you move toward a brighter future.

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