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Sue Boyle

Principal Consultant, Lean Consulting

Sue is passionate about helping make things better for clients, project teams, and organizations. She applies Lean thinking to improve the performance of project teams through process improvement and people development, and helps improve the development and implementation of business strategy both for her clients and within Haley & Aldrich. To do so, Sue taps into her knowledge of engineering, science, strategy deployment, emotional intelligence, personal mastery, and other ideal Lean-based behaviors and skills. As a result, the teams she works with experience improved client satisfaction, project performance, and staff engagement.  

Sue helps clients in the built environment develop and implement their Lean transformation strategy and organizational design. She is a versatile coach who can adapt to support project teams and people at all levels of an organization with lean leadership, management, and culture shifts. A dedicated problem-solver, Sue helps organizations and individuals apply Lean to improve project planning and execution. Her long list of professional accomplishments can all be attributed to one crucial thing: showing respect for people. 

  • Checkmark Leadership guidance and coaching (or executive coaching) 
  • Checkmark Building higher-performing teams 
  • Checkmark People development 
  • Checkmark Process improvement
  • Checkmark Strategy development 
  • Checkmark Organizational design and organizational effectiveness 
  • Checkmark Lean transformation coaching 
  • Checkmark Stakeholder facilitation 

“Helping teams overcome the obstacles that hinder their organization’s success often lies in the ability to enable them to have productive conflict. While many people shy away from conflict, I’ve found that when it handled well, it can be the source of the most powerful and lasting change.”