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Gilbane Building Company embarks on a Lean transformation and demonstrates respect for its people with guidance from Haley & Aldrich

120+ employees

earned Lean Practitioner certifications through customized Lean training program

190+ process improvements

documented over the course of three years

$12 million

in potential risk avoidance during collaborative purchasing process for one project


  • Leaders at Gilbane knew that the organization-wide adoption of Lean principles could help the company become more efficient and more competitive in the marketplace. Above all, they knew that Lean could push one of the company’s central values: making work better for their people and, in turn, giving their people room to grow and innovate. 
  • Gilbane’s leadership had an ambitious vision to embed Lean across operations — from embracing Lean construction techniques in estimating and scheduling on projects to improving processes and outcomes in corporate functions like sales and marketing. But they were faced with the challenge of determining how to start a transformation that needed to reach across Gilbane’s more than 48 offices and its 2,700+ employees.  
  • Haley & Aldrich’s Lean consulting team brought the systematic framework and the people-first approach needed for Gilbane to successfully launch its Lean journey. Our team first worked to stabilize current processes and get buy-in at all levels of the organization — from executives to staff members on project and corporate teams. We enlisted 30 self-selected early adopters, giving them the coaching and training necessary to bring Lean improvements to their daily work. 
  • We then moved on to standardizing operations and integrating Lean across the company. We facilitated cross-functional improvement efforts in conjunction with individual coaching. This broader approach nurtured a cultural transformation that has thus far engaged more than 500 staffers in Lean training and development.  
  • Gilbane has measured results across processes, from facility management solutions to client feedback and integrated project controls. Ultimately, as Gilbane intended, the company’s people have driven many of these improvements — as their work is made easier, people can more successfully raise problems, seek solutions, and find the work at which they truly excel. Which, in turn, has allowed Gilbane to deliver more for clients.  

“The Haley & Aldrich team taught us that change is hard, and it is okay to make mistakes along the way. They brought a fresh perspective and provided structure for our transformation. They offered customized training that challenged our teams and equipped them to solve complex problems, and they engaged so deeply with us that it felt like they were Gilbane.”

Rhonia Moreau, former Gilbane corporate Lean manager and current Haley & Aldrich consultant

For more information, contact:

Kelly Meade

Senior Lean Practitioner, Lean Master Black Belt

Lisa Turturro

Chief Client Officer

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Rhonia Moreau

Senior Technical Specialist