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Chula Vista water stewardship plan

Government infrastructure

California city becomes model for water stewardship with actionable water sustainability plan


of city’s irrigation water saved through improved management


of previously wasted water saved by implementing leak-detection systems


captured in funding for the project


  • Chula Vista relied on our help to create a water stewardship plan that would sustainably meet its water demand in a drought-prone climate.
  • Using Lean principles, we worked with internal stakeholders, local water authorities, and the community to develop a comprehensive picture of all prior efforts, and leveraged the best of those efforts alongside new ideas.
  • We defined five key themes that addressed the city’s water conservation, reuse, and stewardship vision, and then narrowed hundreds of stakeholder and community contributions to 26 actionable items that fit within those themes.

For more information, contact:

Ben Chandler

Principal Consultant

Beth Breitenbach headshot

Beth Breitenbach

Program Manager, Energy & Mining