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Geometric Decoration
Brad Aldinger

Brad Aldinger, P.E.

Senior Associate, Institutions Leader

Brad has more than 20 years of experience in the built environment, providing practical, whole-system, and collaborative solutions to solve our clients’ most complex underground challenges. Brad works with staff to identify the right mix of technical expertise and market knowledge to approach problems from our clients’ perspectives and find new ways for them to achieve value as their needs evolve. As institutions struggle to adapt to the changing environment, Brad find ways for clients to do more with less so they can better serve their students and patients. 

Brad has progressed in his career from focusing on solving the technically complex problems to connecting people, perspectives, and ideas by working with teams that deeply understand and tackle the tough challenges we face. The complexity of geotechnical engineering provides a great opportunity for Brad to mentor staff and clients on the “why” – why we make the decisions we do, what we consider, and how this impacts clients so they can make risk-based decisions. He has also spent the last ten years mentoring clients and Haley & Aldrich staff in Lean thinking.

“What I enjoy most out of work and life, is connecting with people. There is nothing better than the feeling of helping someone and achieving a mutual understanding. You don’t always have to agree, but it’s invigorating to achieve a greater goal, together, while demonstrating mutual respect for each other’s perspectives, both in words and actions.”