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Geometric Decoration

Damian Siebert, P.E.

Service Leader, Geotechnical Engineering

Whenever Damian walks into a building, over a bridge, or through a tunnel he had a hand in creating, he gets an incredible feeling of satisfaction and honor. He truly appreciates the enormous responsibility that comes with geotechnical engineering and is devoted to protecting public safety. As Haley & Aldrich’s geotechnical engineering practice leader, Damian prides himself on his comprehensive approach, understanding how a project’s entire design is interconnected, and how different parts impact the greater system. 

Getting the best results for his clients is what motivates Damian. He values the mutual respect he and his clients have and considers them to be his partners. He prides himself on designing not the most robust system, but the “best” system, which is a balance of cost with performance and risk. No matter what he’s working on, Damian feels blessed by serving so many clients he truly loves working with. 

  • Checkmark Geotechnical and structural engineering 
  • Checkmark Ground improvement
  • Checkmark Mechanically stabilized earth walls
  • Checkmark Permanent and temporary soil nail walls
  • Checkmark Preparation of contract drawings and specifications
  • Checkmark Reinforced concrete diaphragm walls (slurry walls)
  • Checkmark Shallow and deep foundations
  • Checkmark Support of excavation systems

“I have some of the best clients who respect and value what I do and I feel the same way about them. Clients are my partners – we are in it together.”