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synthetic adsorbent resin technology


Pioneering technology for groundwater remediation saves costs


extraction wells required by our solution, down from 30+

20+ years

time period for which our system has operated continuously


  • A product manufacturer brought in Haley & Aldrich to speed up a groundwater recovery and remediation process.
  • Our experts quickly determined that the method being used was not cost effective. To improve the process, our team pioneered the use of synthetic adsorbent resin technology to clean up groundwater contaminants.
  • The improved groundwater recovery system — which has now operated continuously for more than 20 years — reduced the number of required extraction wells and significantly increased the contaminant mass removal rate, delivering more cost-effective, efficient results.

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Headshot of Margaret Holt
Margaret Holt

Senior Technical Expert, Compliance

Denis Conley

Senior Associate, Technical Expert