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Manufacturing consulting services

We bring teams together and push the limits of what’s possible to deliver better outcomes for you.

Manufacturers are operating in a complex, constantly changing landscape. With evolving regulatory standards and environmental challenges including property cleanup, sustainability, and resiliency concerns, it may be difficult to address and mitigate risks while still providing shareholder value, reducing costs, and delivering top-quality services to your customers.

Haley & Aldrich’s manufacturing operations consulting focuses on addressing the business, environmental, social, and community challenges you face. We look to deeply understand how your entire organization operates across departments, geographies, and functions — not just at the individual facility level. This allows us to develop solutions that are specific to your organizational challenges, needs, risk tolerance, and culture.

Our team includes experienced scientists, engineers, construction, and remediation experts who work alongside you to build trusted, long-term relationships. We combine our technical excellence with business acumen and the ability to bring teams together, so we can help you achieve your end goals. We understand that to maintain a positive company image, you need to develop a shared vision with internal teams, regulators, and the community. We work closely with you and all stakeholders involved in your work to develop a strategic end vision for your project.

Our collaborative approach results in better problem solving and better solutions for you — including reduced risk, accelerated site closure, improved sustainability, and enhanced stakeholder collaboration.

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Tina Berceli-Boyle

Senior Associate, Chemical Engineer

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Nancy Gardiner

Senior Associate

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Senior Technical Expert, Scientist

Market highlights

  • Checkmark 3D site characterization
  • Checkmark Emerging contaminants assessment and remediation
  • Checkmark Fractured bedrock remediation
  • Checkmark Litigation support
  • Checkmark Programmatic compliance evaluations
  • Checkmark Resiliency and business continuity planning
  • Checkmark Sediment dredging and capping
  • Checkmark Turnkey remediation design-build
  • Checkmark Vapor intrusion evaluation, mitigation design, and systems installation
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Delivering innovative strategies that push the limits of what’s possible

Haley & Aldrich’s manufacturing consultants continually challenge themselves to go beyond standard work. Our novel thinking often leads to transformational results for our clients — whether we’re pioneering the use of synthetic adsorbent resin technology in groundwater contaminant cleanup, or bringing differing stakeholders together to find common solutions using whole systems thinking and facilitation tools.

When you work with Haley & Aldrich, you’ll find that we continually seek opportunities to push the limits of what’s possible. And we do so with a purpose: to create the highest value while lowering your overall costs.

Our manufacturing consulting services include: 

At Haley & Aldrich, it’s in our moral fabric to take personal responsibility and do the job right the first time. For us, success means you not only receive high-quality work, but also benefit from a nationwide network of experts with innovative thinking in their DNA.

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