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Glenn White

Senior Technical Expert, Scientist

Before embarking on projects, Glenn actively listens to his clients to ensure he fully understands their challenges. He then confirms what he hears and continues to probe for more information so that his solutions are rooted in fact and aimed at achieving his clients’ ultimate objectives. Glenn’s industrial and commercial clients appreciate this partnership for their environmental issues, which often require his strategic approach to investigation and remediation programs.

Glenn’s background in environmental remediation and more than 20 years of diverse site cleanup experience makes him ideally suited to address complex petroleum, chlorinated solvent, and other contaminated sites. Glenn has not only solved his clients’ individual site challenges, but also advanced the environmental practice through public presentations on molecular biological tools and bioremediation strategies.

  • Checkmark New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program
  • Checkmark New York State Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site Program (IHWDSP)
  • Checkmark Remediation construction
  • Checkmark Remediation strategy
  • Checkmark Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Corrective Action
  • Checkmark Site characterization
  • Checkmark Underground storage tank (UST) removal

“I approach client advocacy by carefully listening and checking my understanding of the client’s objective to make sure my client is heard while always asking ‘why.’ This gives my clients the assurance that we’ve deeply explored the problem and identified the optimal solution.”