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Tina Berceli-Boyle, P.E.

Senior Associate, Chemical Engineer

Tina thrives in an environment where she can use her problem-solving skills to help clients navigate complex regulatory environments. She is a professional chemical engineer with over 25 years of environmental compliance experience, specializing in air quality. During her career, Tina has applied her vast knowledge of EHS strategy and management to projects in the aerospace, healthcare, higher education, energy, and manufacturing industries.

Tina leverages her knowledge and extensive experience to help clients understand the air quality regulations impacting their organizations. She earns the role of trusted advisor to her clients by guiding them through the permitting process and advising them on the best strategy for their facility or project to avoid delays and additional fees, and to plan for the future. Tina values open communication with clients, stakeholders, and regulatory agencies, partnering with them to reach a solution that meets the objectives of all parties.

“I am highly motivated and committed to finding solutions for my clients’ most complex problems. I dedicate myself fully to their project and therefore view their success as my success.”