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What’s that smell? Expanding the boundaries of the industrial hygienist

There are emerging risks beyond the traditional plant setting that can threaten facility operations. In her presentation “What’s that smell? Expanding the boundaries of the industrial hygienist,” given at at the AIHce conference in Philadelphia in May 2018,  Haley & Aldrich Chemical Engineer Tina Berceli-Boyle examined one such risk, odors emanating from a facility into nearby residential areas. As Tina explained, the industrial hygienist can play a critical role in these situations, expanding the boundaries for both professional growth and new opportunities to integrate industrial hygiene into overall business risk management. Her presentation demonstrated how our team applied industrial hygiene principles to identify and quantify the primary source of odors. They then used that data to evaluate and communicate risks to the management team and develop options for mitigation. This resulted in the restoration of the company’s reputation in the eyes of the community and the regulatory agency, and the resumption of manufacturing activities.

Download Tina’s full presentation here or by clicking the button below. You can also view Haley & Aldrich’s other AIHce presentations, Implications of indoor air background concentrations on health risks in buildings  by Jay Peters and At facilities with subsurface contamination, what other chemicals may your workers be breathing? by Matt Raithel.

For more information on this presentation, please contact Tina Berceli-Boyle.