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PFAS Technical Update: the chrome plating industry

Studies are showing that per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) may have potential adverse human health and environmental impacts. This has led to the setting of health-based standards, including mandatory state orders for various entities requiring investigation of potential PFAS contamination. The regulatory landscape is evolving as the scientific and regulatory communities continue to learn about PFAS and their impacts.    

To make informed decisions about if, when, and how to investigate, manufacturers will need to understand the use of PFAS in their operations, including technical and historical details. Haley & Aldrich’s PFAS Technical Updates will help you stay informed.    

California has issued PFAS assessment orders for airports, landfills, and most recently, to about 270 chrome plating operations. And California is not alone. A growing number of states are pursuing PFAS policies and may, in time, also assess the plating industry. To learn more about this order and its implications for chrome plating operations, read our PFAS Technical Update: the chrome plating industry.