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Living with heat

We are beginning to feel the impacts of climate change. In addition to the wide range of political, social, and economic concerns that climate change is sparking in our communities, we are faced with the invisible threat of extreme heat on our society and the built environment.

With the help of over 70 industry experts, including engineers, architects, and real estate development professionals, the ULI Boston/New England chapter authored a report focused on the consequences of climate change in the Greater Boston area-specifically, extreme heat and its ancillary issues. The purpose of the report is to help local real estate developers, designers, and policymakers to acknowledge the consequences of extreme heat and to seek solutions to make buildings, neighborhoods, parks, and outdoor spaces more adaptable to environmental conditions and comfortable for occupants.

Haley & Aldrich Program Manager Heather Scranton served as a co-chair for ULI Boston’s Climate Resiliency Committee and contributed to the report.

Click here to read the full report.