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Group therapy at work: Using management drives to improve team dynamics and get more work done

Between ongoing staff turnover, generational workforce shifts, increased focus on cost, and the general push to do more with less, college and university teams are challenged more than ever to work together effectively. Various tools help us execute our work processes, keep track of our financial metrics, and communicate information, but when dealing with people-related challenges, we tend to go soft. We tend to think it’s hard to measure, analyze, and systematically improve the human element of work. By using tools like Management Drives ©, we can better understand ourselves and our behaviors to develop engaged, high-performing teams, ready to meet the challenges of our industry today.

In this article in NAEP’s Educational Procurement Journal, Patti Mitchell, AIA, Director of Capital Programs Management at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and Lisa Turturro, Principal Consultant at Haley & Aldrich, demonstrate how the Capital Programs team at UCSF used Management Drives to focus systematically on the people-related aspects of their work.