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2019 report card for Northeast Ohio’s infrastructure

Every four years, America’s civil engineers provide a comprehensive assessment of the nation’s infrastructure in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Infrastructure Report Card. Using a simple A to F school report card format, the report card examines current infrastructure conditions and needs, assigning grades and making recommendations to raise them.

In 2016, the Cleveland Section of ASCE initiated a similar effort focused on Northeast Ohio (NEO), forming the NEO Infrastructure Report Card Committee. For nearly 18 months, its members volunteered their time and expertise to visit public officials, examine various sources of data, and participate in monthly progress meetings. The committee included professional engineers from the private, public, and academic sectors, including Haley & Aldrich Senior Engineer Sonya Burns, P.E. who contributed as a co-writer to the dams section of the NEO Infrastructure Report Card. Their findings about each infrastructure category studied were peer reviewed by experts in the appropriate field and by ASCE.

Click here for a high-level overview of the NEO Infrastructure Report Card.