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Seven years after the Aggregate Protection Act: Have we done enough?

Passed in 2011, the Arizona Aggregate Protection Act (APA) had lofty goals of reducing land use conflicts The APA required Planning Agencies to amend General Plans to address sources of aggregates in their communities by:

  • Including sources of currently identified aggregates from existing mapping
  • Enacting measures to preserve currently identified aggregates for future development
  • Enacting policies to avoid incompatible land uses

Now in 2018, can we declare mission accomplished? Haley & Aldrich’s Eric Mears, Mining Market Segment Leader, and Mason Bolitho, Senior Technical Specialist, take a look at how counties and municipalities are complying, some best practices of complying with the APA, and what issues we need to overcome.

Learn more in the presentation from the 2018 ARPA Convention.