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Aggregate and construction materials

Our passionate advocacy sets your aggregate mining operations up for a sustainable and profitable future.

Rapid state growth, depleted resources, and permitting and entitlement challenges are creating new obstacles in mining quality aggregate resources used to create construction materials. Even more, you face ongoing social license and community issues related to noise, dust, and encroachment that increasingly conflict with your operations. Together, these challenges impact your ability to access new sources of material, operate in a fair regulatory environment, and ultimately, create sustainable, profitable operations that set you up for long-term success.

At Haley & Aldrich, our aggregate mining consultants are trusted, passionate advisors who advocate tirelessly on your and the industry’s behalf. The goal? To ensure you can evaluate new source areas for quality aggregate materials, that these areas are subject to fair regulations and enforcements, and that your projects and operations are accepted by the communities you operate in or near.

We know successful aggregate mining consulting requires technical excellence, but some of your most difficult challenges aren’t necessarily technical. You need to successfully navigate the mining industry’s evolving, complex regulatory landscape. We’re actively involved with local, state, and federal legislation and policy making to ensure aggregate resources are readily available for infrastructure development. We work to shape a positive, sustainable future for the mining industry — even if that means proposing strategies that aren’t ideal for our own immediate business model.

Our advocacy also extends to other parts of your business. We work with stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and community organizations to minimize opposition and impact to your projects.

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Market highlights

  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence for potential new properties
  • Checkmark Floodplain use permitting for operations within the FEMA floodplain/floodway areas
  • Checkmark Material resource evaluations for new aggregate or expansion areas
  • Checkmark Mine plans of development for new or expansion areas
  • Checkmark Reclamation plans for new or existing operations
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Seeing the complete picture to move your mine forward — safely and profitably

Haley & Aldrich’s aggregate mining consulting experts understand the challenges you’re up against and work to address not only your immediate issues, but to capture a complete picture of your project to get ahead of problems down the road. Our teams look at the whole system in which your mine operates so we can work with you to maximize your aggregate mining investments — whether you’re working with residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal developments. When we consider each component of your business and how each piece works together, we’re able to find efficiencies so your future operations are safe and profitable.

We provide the following services to our aggregate mining clients:

Whether we’re converging science and policy to advance aggregate protection efforts or helping you navigate permitting and entitlement challenges, Haley & Aldrich’s aggregate mining consultants tirelessly seek the right solutions for you — setting you up for a safe, sustainable, and profitable future.

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