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Haley & Aldrich helps large manufacturer plan for massive natural disaster


  • A manufacturer has its global headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, near a fault line capable of producing a major earthquake and tsunami. The company needed help preparing its campus and business operations for this potential catastrophe and its aftermath.
  • The company turned to our engineering and emergency management teams for a comprehensive, cost-effective, and actionable plan that would help protect its employees and minimize business disruption.
  • We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the 200-acre campus, including 80 structures and utility and transportation infrastructure, to pinpoint the most at-risk assets. We also helped the company set priorities so that it could get up and running as quickly as possible after a disaster.
  • Our team continues to work with the client to prioritize mitigation and prepare the campus to run more independently and sustainably, which may include solutions like installing microgrid solar panels, sourcing alternative fuels for generators, implementing a greywater reuse system, and installing on-site tanks for potable water.

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Laura Hanson

Senior Project Manager