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Real estate resilience plan

Real estate developers

Our climate resilience plan helps developer prioritize efforts to protect tenants and buildings


  • A real estate developer that owns and operates Boston-area buildings for life sciences and tech companies needed a comprehensive resilience plan to protect its buildings, tenants, and its tenants cutting-edge research and development.
  • This developer turned to us — its trusted partner for more than a decade — to assess buildings and create an efficient, actionable plan.
  • Drawing on our detailed knowledge of our client’s buildings and their underground conditions, as well as climate data, we assessed the present and future vulnerability of each property to flooding, heat, drought, and wind.
  • For the high-risk buildings, we defined risk-reduction priorities that would give our client the highest value for its money and time.

For more information, contact:

Lizetta Fennessy

General Manager, East Business Unit

Rebecca Higgins

Principal Consultant, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering