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phosphate exploratory drilling program

Industrial Minerals

Client safely develops phosphate fields with Haley & Aldrich’s drilling project management expertise

Zero injuries

after 40,000 work hours

2 mines

developed because of our phosphate samples


  • A fertilizer manufacturer was looking to explore the economic viability of a phosphate field in southeastern Idaho.
  • The nearly $2 million initiative required navigating a tight timeline and complex wildlife regulations. And with a remote site and long workdays, safety was a major concern.
  • Haley & Aldrich developed a comprehensive standard operating procedure that detailed how the team would build the roads and drill pads at all drill locations, as well as how workers and equipment would operate — all crucial to safety.
  • We also outlined how we would protect wildlife and ensure no sediment or drilling fluid flowed into waterways.
  • Ultimately, we provided the client with representative phosphate samples that led to the development of two mines.

For more information, contact:

Eric Mears

Principal Consultant