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Image of buildings in commercial area surrounded by trees.

Real estate developers

Haley & Aldrich develops large-scale resilience action plan on tight timeline


per FEMA, the ROI for each dollar spent on mitigation measures when recovering from a natural disaster

6 months

tight timeline for the assessment

150 properties

we assessed


  • A real estate client aimed to assess 150 properties in multiple states for climate resilience in only six months and needed experts who could work quickly to deliver actionable results.
  • Haley & Aldrich’s engineers created an easy-to-understand vulnerability rating for each property using flood maps and other site-specific data. The custom rating system allows our client to easily communicate each property’s risk and set data-driven priorities.
  • Our team offered multiple tiers of mitigation recommendations, factoring in effectiveness, cost, and timeframe, which helps our client identify the right approach for each property.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Higgins

Principal Consultant, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Lizetta Fennessy

General Manager, East Business Unit

Headshot-Daniele Spirandelli
Daniele Spirandelli

Senior Associate, Climate Resilience Specialist