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NTE Connecticut, LLC · Killingly, Conn.

Strategic project management, environmental permitting services and community outreach facilitate environmental approvals to bring state-of-the-art energy generation to Connecticut

natural gas-fired combined cycle electric generating facility

Client challenge

NTE Energy saw an opportunity to complement New England’s clean energy transition by providing a reliable thermal energy supply to balance intermittent sources, such as wind and solar. They planned to build a natural gas-fired combined cycle electric generating facility, with associated electrical infrastructure, in Killingly, Connecticut.

The complex undertaking needed to meet interdependent milestones including federal and state permitting and local coordination. The project could not move forward without approval from the Connecticut Siting Council (CSC), a state government body that balances the need for new utility construction with environmental conservation. Securing all necessary approvals depended on careful coordination of numerous issues and interests to provide the most efficient, least impact to the project possible.

NTE Energy relied on strategic project management and effective public and stakeholder engagement by Haley & Aldrich professionals as they sought to navigate the gauntlet of regulatory requirements and community concerns.

Our approach

Our staff understood the need to build credibility and trust with regulators and the community, as well as simplify the complicated permit process as much as possible. In order to efficiently secure the necessary permits, it was crucial to be proactive and get ahead of key milestones.

Our experts provided permit application and support across a range of disciplines, including air quality, wetlands, habitat, cultural resources, visibility, noise, electric and magnetic effects. We established trusting relationships and coordinated with several agencies to receive efficient approvals, including the CSC, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Projection (CT DEEP), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Haley & Aldrich representatives also advocated for our client by building trust with regulatory agencies. We did so by submitting quality applications, joining regulators at public forums to address community fears, proactively addressing their regulatory concerns, and being responsive and respectful to their questions. 

Because the community is designated as an Environmental Justice area, we contributed to a detailed CT DEEP-approved public engagement plan. To support this process, our Principal Consultant listened to community concerns about the project, represented the client in public forums, relayed complex technical information in plain language, and provided written and oral expert testimony at several hearings. Our professionals developed and led site visits that involved agencies and members of the public, ensuring compliance with field safety and that any questions were addressed.

This multi-year effort also called for an adaptive and flexible approach. As NTE upgraded its turbine technology plans over time, our team modified our approach to align permit applications and project impacts and explain those impacts to regulators and the public. As the client’s project team changed and the project’s scope shifted, we ensured project knowledge was preserved and shared among consultants and stakeholders, preventing wasted time and coordination errors.

NTE is well on the way to providing the community with consistent, reliable power, continuing to rely on Haley & Aldrich as Killingly Energy Center progresses toward financial close and construction.

Value delivered:

  • Achieved CSC certification and other crucial permits and approvals
  • Bolstered stakeholder confidence in the project by providing expert testimony and community outreach on a wide range of environmental issues
  • Adapted project strategy to changing technologies and timelines

“This project has been about reaching people from the beginning. Communication was key. Lynn has been instrumental in navigating complex regulatory processes while helping us meet New England’s energy needs with a project that gives back to the Killingly community.”

Tim Eves, NTE Energy

For more information, contact:

Lynn Gresock

Principal Consultant