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Headshot-Daniele Spirandelli

Daniele Spirandelli, Ph.D.

Senior Associate, Climate Resilience Specialist

Daniele is a strategic, systems-oriented resilience planner who enjoys working with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders to address their concerns about climate change. She actively listens to understand her clients’ needs and values, then integrates those needs and values with the most up-to-date climate science to identify vulnerabilities and develop resilient strategies. She has worked with a variety of communities and institutions across the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, including utility companies, real-estate developers, county planners, and community-based organizations, and she is a member of the ASTM International subcommittee focused on standard guidance for property resilience assessments.

With over a decade of experience applying climate science and adaptation considerations across private and public sector operations, assets, and hazard mitigation and planning, Daniele is most passionate about approaching climate resilience holistically. She uses a full range of scientific tools, including quantitative and qualitative methods, community and traditional ecological knowledge, and collaboration among the sciences to co-produce knowledge and prioritize solutions. She draws inspiration for her work from communities living on the frontlines of climate change that are determined to preserve the places they love through a collective vision of a sustainable and resilient future.  

“My favorite aspect of this work is helping communities understand the science behind environmental change. Once they see how crucial a sustainable future is, we can work together to take steps toward that future.”