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Headshot of Judy Herman

Judy Herman

Senior Sustainability Strategy Expert

Judy provides environmental and sustainability expertise across a range of projects and sectors, including aerospace and defense, energy and utilities, manufacturing, and transportation. She partners with clients to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles with their business strategies. Judy works hard for these clients to find and implement effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to complex, urgent challenges. 

Judy’s perspective is shaped by her extensive environmental and sustainability experience in both consulting and corporate industry roles. She has directed energy strategy and managed corporate sustainability for a large aerospace and defense company, and she has managed corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting, environmental disclosures, and corporate environmental policy projects and programs for a large investor-owned utility. Judy embraces Haley & Aldrich’s “one company” culture of caring and collaboration and draws motivation from the belief that we have a collective responsibility to ensure a thriving world for future generations.  

  • Checkmark Carbon management and GHG reporting 
  • Checkmark ESG reporting, standards, and strategy development 
  • Checkmark Environmental compliance 
  • Checkmark Environmental due diligence for mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures 
  • Checkmark Hazardous waste operations and emergency response 
  • Checkmark Remediation 
  • Checkmark Renewable energy development and power purchase agreements 
  • Checkmark Siting, permitting, and construction monitoring of renewable energy projects 

“Whether I’m devising strategies to reduce carbon emissions, implementing renewable energy solutions, or advising on sustainable practices, I’m passionate about contributing to the collective transformation to a healthier, sustainable, and resilient world.”