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Bioreactor construction safety

Industrial Minerals

Planning and creativity help mining client meet deadlines and save costs during environmental construction


  • Haley & Aldrich’s remediation team helped a mining company conduct voluntary remediation on a complex closed site, a historic vanadium mine.
  • Another consulting partner had designed a passive bioreactor remediation system for our client, but the system was underperforming and needed a retrofit. However, the materials needed to rebuild the bioreactor weren’t available locally, and the cost to transport them to the remote, high-elevation site would have been astronomical.
  • Our team engaged in extensive pre-planning to ensure efficient project mobilization and completion in a single season, before winter conditions made work impossible. Since the original remediation design called for materials that would be difficult and expensive to procure, our team sourced suitable local materials and construction aggregate alternatives.
  • This creative sourcing helped avoid change orders and construction delays, saving our client tens of thousands of dollars.
  • We also managed clear, effective communications with the client and stakeholders, which kept the project on schedule.

For more information, contact:

Eric Mears

Principal Consultant