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Food and beverage manufacturing consulting

Our proactive and innovative approaches provide more effective solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

The food and beverage manufacturing sector faces significant challenges in today’s fast-paced and reactive world. Supply chain inconsistencies, price pressures, and heightened customer expectations are among any number of issues that can impede your success. To increase market share, you need to be able to quickly respond to market changes, comply with strict regulations, and ensure you’re adjusting to meet sustainability objectives.

Haley & Aldrich’s food and beverage industry consulting team has a deep understanding of how market and regulatory shifts impact your pressing environmental and production-related goals, and how your response to those shifts impact your business overall.

What sets us apart from other top food and beverage consulting firms? We are knowledgeable about your business and the challenges you face. We also stay ahead of changing regulations and industry trends. This allows us to proactively offer guidance customized to your product line and operations, and help you make adjustments throughout your projects to accomplish evolving objectives.

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Margaret Holt

Senior Technical Expert, Compliance

Mark Miesfeldt

Senior Technical Expert, Hydrogeology

Mark Nicholls

Service Leader, Water Resources

Market highlights

  • Checkmark Business continuity planning
  • Checkmark Facility decommissioning and legacy site closure
  • Checkmark Operational risk assessment
  • Checkmark Permitting planning and compliance
  • Checkmark Water supply source assessments
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Manufacturing expertise to find innovative solutions that endure

At Haley & Aldrich, our food and beverage industry consultants work across a variety of product markets. That experience allows us to turn the innovative solutions we’ve learned for other manufacturing entities into solutions for your business. We find new ways of applying technologies and regulatory strategies so you can achieve enduring results — whether we’re using isotope studies to characterize water resources, assisting with developing and implementing programmatic compliance programs, or helping our clients comply with sustainability initiatives across their business lifecycle.

Some of our food and beverage manufacturing consulting services include:

Our team will collaborate with your staff to evaluate business decisions, taking into considering best practices, appropriate technologies, and environmental regulatory strategies to meet your overall business objectives.

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